How to grow your hair (the right way!)

Growing your hair can be one of the most tedious, painful, slow processes we ever put ourselves through!! All mainly in the name of beauty.

I know of people whose hair grows like weeds...you can practically see it growing whilst you are talking to them!! I am NOT one of these lucky people. My hair grows at a snails pace. If you are one of these people, then*Hello!* and welcome to my gang..

I don't claim to be a hair guru and none of the information below is earth shattering new, amazing or a guaranteed winner for Rapzunhael locks BUT they will help....eventually......I promise!

One thing I would recommend if you are to grow your hair, is to take a specific hair supplement. These ones from Philip Kingsley PK4 Soya Protein Capsules are a good one to try. You can order them online and in stores such as John Lewis and Marks and Spencers.  A months supply is about £21.00. Since I started taking these supplements my hair has been growing that little bit faster than usual and it feels so much healthier than it normally does with a nice little shine, something my hair rarely does on its own accord! There are lots of hair supplements on the market, so do your research and choose one that suits your need and budget.

You are going to hate what I,m about to say next but TRIMS!! like what??? I want to grow my hair not make it shorter...like duh? Sorry but if your hair is prone to splitting a tiny trim every six weeks will help to get rid of split ends and stop them from travelling further up your hair and creating more damage. I know it can seem like a backward step in the beginning especially if you need to cut quite a bit off but shorter healthier hair always look 100% better than longer split hair....trust me....trims are your new best friend.

Heat Styling I know we need hairdryers and hair tongs to function in this world we live in and make as look presentable and human but too much can be a bad not a good thing. Now that the weather can't decide between hot or cold. Typical British summer then. I suggest letting your hair dry naturally if you can manage it and only style the bare minimal.

Unless your hair is ultra short, then conditioners should be part of your hair care routine anyway...and if not then start ASAP! Deep Moisturizing Treatments are  ideal in adding  nourishment back into the hair. The ends of your hair is generally a few years old, add to this equation heat appliances and colouring, it's no surprise how  your hair takes a fair knock particular the ends. A good treatment once a week should do the trick. Again there are lots on the market and bloggers are a good bunch as they do tend to recommend products they love...so check out a fellow bloggers posts

Saving the best for last but DIET you can't go around expecting to have long flowing amazing locks if you live on junk food. Before I go any further genetics can play a MASSIVE part in whether your hair grows or not and some people to put it politely were  near the end of the queue when good hair was given out!! Medication, can also play a part in how your hair looks and feels. Pregnancy and a huge change in hormones is another hair changer. Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Red meat is full of iron, an important mineral for hair. If you don't eat read meat, I would suggest taking an iron supplement (I.m a veggie and I take a combined Iron and Vit B12 supplement)

I hope you like my tips and let me know if you have any, you would like to share.


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