Devon - a break away from London

I love London, I've lived in London for over ten years now. Its both exciting and exhausting, lively and depressing,

New developments and improvements are always taking place...making every thing just that little bit better. Slowly but surely London isnt just about Oxford Street and Zone One but expanding and making Zone Two, Three and Four just as exciting.

London can be busy, very busy and the constant chatter chatter can make you crave a little peace and quiet now and again.

I have found my sanctuary, in the shape of my sister's house in Devon. Its about a three hour train journey from London but it may as well be a million miles away!! Nothining but lush green acre's for miles and miles....and miles....a slower pace of life...no one in a hurry...no one moaning if you are deemed walking to slow or in the wrong lane! A reminder to smell the flowers.

It's so important, I feel for your health and well being too recharge, remove all social media from  your life for a few days....just to take stock...and live....without filming or taking pictures....saviour the moment.....yes I know lots of people make a living from social media but planning ahead gives even the busiest social media bee a little time to herself. .

Devon relaxes me, it helps me to forget my troubles/pretend they don't exist and for a moment stop time......I just look out the window......and feel i'm in another country. Of course having someone make me tea and make me food helps with this holiday feeling....

I try to get away from London and visit Devon at least four times a year, combiningwith relaxation and spending  time with my sister and niece and nephew. (which is not quite as relaxing)

I then return to London with a new zest for London and am ready to hit the floor running.

What are your go to places when you want to relax, do you spend time with family or do you hop on the first plane you can find!

Thanks for reading.


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