4 Candles To Try

Shay & Blue Blood Natural Scented Candle £35.00
This is a new brand for me and I only discovered them via John Lewis. Founded in 2012 by Dom Devetta (I know what a name!) Shay & Blue are a boutique perfumery and contain real flowers. This one has a strong citrus scent hence the name and contains bursts of  musk's, woods and leathers.

Jo Malone  Blackberry & Bay Home Candle £42.00
Who doesn't want a Jo Malone candle or two laying around the house!! I use to work for Jo Malone many moons ago when Jo was at the realm and was given so many candles I use to give them away....I know!! This is such  a beautiful fragrance with a really delicious blackberry scent. Especially nice for the long winter ahead of us!! his heatwave won't last!!

Cowshed Knackered  Relaxing Room Candle £34.00
Cowshed, is very popular amongst bloggers and I'm sure lots of you have been to one of their spa's but they also happen to sell rather fabulous candles as well. This candle doesn't contain and parabens or petrochemicals and has certified vegan ingredients. This one contains Lavender and Eucalyptus to help both calm and to clear your head.

Floris Lavender and Mint Scented Candle  £40.00
A friend introduced me to this brand. Initially I was swayed by the gold packaging. I'm a sucker for gold packaging!! As soon as she lit said candle though, I was won over by the scent. It really is a beautiful candle. Some candles don't really give off any scent or not a scent that's worth paying the money for but this one as the candles are above really deserves its price tag. I love the smell of Lavender but the crisp mint stops it from being to *granny smelling!!* you guys know what I mean!!

What candles do you like to burn??


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