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*Newsflash* I've finally signed up to Instagram.....yes that's right about ten years after everyone else.....I like to take things at my own slow pace!

One thing I've already noticed about Instagram though is how many times people post up pictures of them and their *other half* Them and their other half at a luxurious spa, them and their other half at a swanky restaurant, them and their other half on a gorgeous holiday in Bali....them and their other half....I think you get the drift........

I'm already feeling like a big fat failure because I don't have an instagram worthy boyfriend or partner or husband to take random snaps or follow me around and take endless photos of me either......Instagram Fail! 

I know Instagram only highlights a small part of someone else's life....usually the best bits...but my life is no where near as beautiful as lots of the people I'm following....I'm not jealous, I am happy for people who do well and have lots of love in their life...but I can't help but feel a sense of doom and gloom  because I don't have some beefy  testosterone  plastered across my feed!!

That's why people look at Instagram isn't it? To feel inspired and look at pretty pictures and people. They want to feel motivated. In awe.....of something....nobody goes on Instagram to look at the mundane...lets be honest.......*real life* pah!! Sod it....we want to look at pictures of the Maldives not Skegness.... (no offence to the people of Skegness) we want to look at pictures of Chanel not Matalan....(again no offence to the people of Matalan) we want to look at pictures of The Ivy not MacDonalds ( again no offence......or wait....nah!)

Instagram...I already love and I hate you a little at the same time......


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