Perfect Wedding Guest Dress

Just a quick post today to show you a beautiful dress I found whilst browsing through the 
White Stuff website. To be honest they aren't really a brand I tend to buy lots of things from or indeed actually browse the website on a regular basis. At the moment, I am currently trying to expand and open myself to new opportunities and try new things. Internet shopping for new clothes falls under this category!  Dresses always tend to be the first thing I search for or any site namely as they are my favourite thing to wear. No having to faff around trying to match your top and bottom, you simply slip on and voila. 

How many people have been invited to weddings this year? I know right. It's like you have to take on a second job just to cover the costs of attending them! Depending on how many you are going to, you might feel a bit icky on wearing the same thing twice especially if you know some people will be attending the same weddings as you. This beautiful blue lace dress which retails at under £100 fits the bill for most people. It's in a wearable colour, a good length and the cut out lace detail stops it from looking so so and frumpy. You can team with a pashmina or a jacket depending on whether you are attending a register office or church. I definitely want to add this to my wardrobe. 


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