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I'm kinda late to this whole podcast thing but since I've joined in with the podcast fun there has been no stopping me! Lots of bloggers are now branching out and writing/interviewing people for their own podcasts so I thought I would write a little list of people I've been listening to recently. Sometimes I like to listen to them whilst I'm cooking or driving. Listening to podcasts whilst commuting is also another great way to liven up a boring journey. 

This guy Lewis Howes is a motivational coach/lifestyle guru. He interviews a variety of people who have excelled in their chosen career.  Their are so many to listen to I couldn't possible chose a favourite but click on to his website above and get listening! He has also written a book called *The Greatness Book which you can find more about  Here

Jen Carrington is a former beauty blogger turned lifestyle coach. She also has a great selection of podcasts to listen too. Aptly named *Make It Happen* Her main focus is on helping individuals especially those who work for themselves in a creative field/freelance and for anyone who wants to get more out of their life. If you feel stuck in a rut/lacking enthusiasm and can't help but wonder that there's more to life than what you are currently experiencing then you need to click  Here 

Motivation to Move  created by Scott Smith is an amazing website jammed pack to the brim with free podcasts that will make you go away feeling like Beyonce. He wants to motivate, inspire, teach, lead and kick you in the butt (his words not mine) Daily Boost Podcasts are something I've been listening to on a daily basis and I'm starting to channel my inner J-LO! He also has a great blog as well which  is well worth a read.

Which podcasts have you been listening to recently. 


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