31st May - Words

Sometimes I feel like this fly above, a small something in a beautiful, ever changing world. I took this picture whilst in my sister's garden. I really wanted to capture a bee but all I found was this fly. Bloodly thing,  I remember saying out aloud *Piss off fly, I want a bee* Why am I talking to a fly? Flies have no ears and no brain....they sit on poo all day. I really wanted to squat it. Why did I value this fly as less significant. Okay, yes, bee's make honey but flies are important for the global ecosystem. This fly  also posed for the picture with minimal fuss. Probably dead now.  RIP. He  (I decided he was a male) is actually in a few of my photographs. Poser, this is how I knew he was male. I also named him Freddy. I didn't appreciate  Freddy at the time, only now I look  back at the photographs, I think to myself that he was alright.  Probably did more for the environment then I've ever done.
OK, so 31st May, how is this possible? Yes I know it seems to be a thing that most bloggers bleat on about how time is flying past at lightening speed. I'm no exception to this and I ain't gonna change the record!
The end of the fifth month..I love May, not sure why as I don't celebrate a birthday and no one close to me celebrates a birthday but I always feel like celebrating in this month. People talk about the light changing. The days staying brighter for longer but I always find the smell changes. For me that's the thing that hits me about Spring/Summer is the change of smell in the atmosphere. Which living in London is not always a positive thing!

Funny how the season controls our lives. We change accordingly, what we wear what we eat, what we feel like doing. I know people who will only undertake certain activities during various seasons. For me I tend to eat a lot of soup in the winter months  but not in the summer. I eat more fruit in the summer but not in winter but these things are available in supermarkets all year round for me to buy and eat but I don't. I feel we are all creatures of habit's to a certain degree.

May, you came and went too quickly. 


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