10 (Best) Foods To Eat For Breakfast

What to eat for breakfast? Everyday we are faced with the same dilemma. Do we eat the same food as yesterday and the day before that or do we make something different? Does it matter? Doesn't a cup of coffee cut as breakfast?...It does for lots of people in Europe. Lunch and dinner I tend to cover pretty quickly but I can never work out what to have for breakfast for some reason. It always fills me with a sense of o.m.g  I love love cereal but left to my own devices I could eat three servings in one go.  So I try to avoid buying this for that reason alone. Have you guys weighed out 30g (a serving) it's tiny.....wouldn't even fill the middle of my stomach never mind the sides!! With that in mind, I've written down my top ten healthy favourites which I mix and match. 

1. Eggs You can do a lot with the humble egg. You can boil/poach/scramble/omelette's....and so on. Low in calories and high in protein. These little beauties can keep you filled up until lunchtime.

2. Greek Yogurt I'm not a huge fan of yogurts in general as I find them a little sweet even though I do have a huge sweet tooth. However Greek Yogurt I can just about  manage.  I tend to eat this once in a while because of the  health benefits but I always eat this with some sort of berries never plain. I like the fact it contains high protein levels. 

3.  Porridge I tend to eat porridge more in the colder months than the warmer months. It's both cheap to buy and quick to make. Double winner in my books. It may look a little drab competing against the likes of Quinoa and Chia but this plainer cousin still packs a multiple of health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and helping us to live longer. I use semi skimmed milk to make mine but I know lots of people who use milk alternatives and some people use plain water (brave!)

4. Wholegrain Bread I know lots of people tend to avoid bread for fear of bloating but unless you do have a real allergy to bread then you really shouldn't avoid bread altogether. Everybody needs carbohydrates in our diet. Lack of this can cause problems when visiting the Mr Toilet! Only don't slather your toast in the morning with jam but something like eggs or low sugar peanut butter instead. 

5. Smoothie As long as you don't jam pack these with high content fruit then smoothie can be a really good choice in the morning as they tend to be quick to prepare and you can eat/drink on the go. I know lots of people use some form of protein powder to form the basis of their smoothie and then add a couple of fruits and nut butters. I think you have to experiment until you hit upon something you like. I tend to make my smoothies with equal amount of fruit and vegetables. 

6. Baked Beans Beans, Beans are good for the heart the more you eat the more you ahem.....pass wind! Baked beans are only *proper beans if they are Heinz....English people will get this reference...beans are full of fibre and are good for the gut. They are also full of protein and iron. A good combination is with scrambled eggs and a slice of wholemeal toast. 

7. Weetabix Lots of breakfast cereals tend to be full of sugar but there are healthier alternatives out there which are quick to prepare and easy on the purse strings. Weetabix has been around since the dinosaur era, okay I may be slightly exaggerating on that last bit but it has been around for a long time. It's made with 100% wholegrain, which means it's full of fibre, Vit B1 & 2, Iron and Folic Acid. This was the only breakfast my grandmother use to eat. 

8. Homemade Muesli Muesli tends to be confusing for lots of reason really. I use to think this was a really healthy breakfast choice until I realised that lots of supermarket bought ones tends to contain a lot of added sugar and not just the ones from all the raisins! Making your own is really simple. You start with oats and then add in pretty much your own choice of fillings and preference. Seeds are very nourishing and healthy. Nuts for fatty acids as well. I do like raisins but seriously why do you get one nut per cereal box and then a skip load of raisins!! I like to make my own Muesli in the summer months and sometimes I pack a small amount into a little bowl and snack during the day rather than reaching for the biscuit tin.

9. Smoothie Bowls You may have seen various out of this world instagram snaps of people with amazing smoothie bowls, bowls far too amazing too eat that's for sure!! How long do they spend arranging their fruit on them?? Depending on the ingredients you place in your bowl, the health benefits can be amazing particular if you add *superfoods* If I have more time in the morning, which tends to be the weekends, I will push the boat out and add fancy fruits to the top.

10.  Salmon & Avocado Okay, I know these are two foods but they are a great combination together. Besides my list only goes to number ten so I had no choice but to put the two together. Both full of fatty acids and omega 3. Yes they do contain fats but the healthy kind that keeps your skin line free, smooth and plump!

What foods do you guys like eating for breakfast??


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