My sister's house

My sister is one of those annoying (but nice!) creative types who is able to turn her hands to making, creating, designing anything artistic and cool. BK (before kids) she was a TV Editor working in both television and film. Now  AK (after kids she writes books, makes clothes, bakes bread/cakes and finds time to style homes as well. (exhausting stuff!) I was at her house recently and decided to take a few snaps on the more quirkier aspects of her home.
Not a particularly shy and retiring type, her front door is pillar box red. Her husband is  a Managing Director or an Interactive Media Company and artist in his spare time, so as you can imagine  their house is filled with lots of colour and prints.
The inner downstairs hall is one of my favourite area's due to it's large size and grand staircase.  All white with dark blue skirting boards and radiators. Note the dolls head here. I haven't asked the reason for this! The badgers head was a wedding present gift. Although I should add it wasn't on their John Lewis gift list.
Their stairs are rather grand and yes getting up and down them does build the thigh muscles!
 The kitchen is one of my personal favourites.  I love their glasses as big as fishbowls!
The ladder, which I love to swing on (please don't tell my sister) was installed to reach those cupboards at the top. The boards are from reclaimed wood. 
Another picture of the cool cooker in the cool kitchen!
The breakfast area. The picture in the background was painted by my brother in law. I love the bold design/colour of the wallpaper. To tell you the truth, sitting here feels  more like a bar area. Probably one of the most occupied rooms in the house. But then again, the kitchen does tend to be the hub of most homes. 
This painting was a gift from my sister to her husband and yes it's as large as it looks. This sits in the living room. Along with several other paintings including the one below.
This painting was painted by my sister's husband. 
In the winter this fireplace is essential, living in a large house means temperatures can drop very quickly. Placing the logs in, is a very serious responsibility and everyone seems very eager to have a prod. We all think we know best but in my case, I do know best!! I did take a lot more pictures and will probably go more into detail at some point about their decor and furnishings, as there is so much I haven't shown you yet.


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