Hello August

Hi Guys, August blimey....where did you spring from??? Yes this will be a reoccurring thing every month where I,m exasperated that it's that far into the year....and that 2017 is nearly over. 

Have you guys anything excited planned for this month of August???  I'm having a staycation this year, although I do wish I was jetting of to Ibiza and lounging around in the sun for nearly two weeks. Alas not to be...bring on the rain mac and the bbq under the brollies!!

I still haven't learnt to fake tan, for fear of the dreaded orange monster!! I look wistfully at various Instagram snaps at gaze at their deep perfect tanned skin and then look down at my mottled complexion!!

Perhaps it's just as well, I.m staying in the UK. At least I won't be exposing my body to unsuspected members of the public. 

I would like to add, that in the next couple of months or so, I will be starting my blog afresh, from the beginning on a new platform. I hope that you will join me when move on to exciting new pastures!!

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